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Maui Lifestyle – When is the BEST time to travel to Maui?

As a realtor, I meet tons of people throughout my week and many have the same questions. Some are quite funny like “what time do the whales come out?” Yes, I have actually gotten that question. One I get quite frequently though is: “when is the best time to travel to maui?”

First, let me say that Maui is genuinely nice all year round. It’s why so many people live here and if they don’t, they keep coming back year after year. Maui is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, whales during the “winter” time, and sunshine days that seem to go on forever. That being said, it is very difficult for me to answer this question.

What I will say though, is…it depends on what kind of person you are. Do you like to cozy up to a warm fire with a sweater on, listen to the rain drops, and watch rainbows cascade over the clouds? If so, Kula in the winter is the place and time for you. “Winter” here is from December through the end of February. It’s typically our most rainy season, however Kihei and Wailea area get the least amount of rain of any part of the island all year around. If you’re a surfer and you love big wave action, then December and January is definitely your target time to come to Maui. For folks that like lazy, sunny beach days where the beach is hot and the drinks are cold, July and August is the best time for you to come. If you are an avid whale watcher, then January and February is your time here on Maui.

Like I said, Maui is so special in that it has so many seasons with different activities available for all types of people with different hobbies. Fall on Maui is my favorite time here. That’s when the weather starts to cool off a bit from the hot summer months, pumpkin patches are in full bloom up-country, fall festivals and fairs are happening all over the island, and people are starting to gear up for Christmas. I don’t know what it is about that time, but the air seems to feel a little more crisp and clean, the lines at Starbucks anxiously await pumpkin spiced everything, and I end up baking a lot more in my kitchen.

Others love the spring break action right around March and April when Maui is a little less crowded but still fun. And then there’s the daredevil wind surfers who travel to Maui during our windiest months; June, July and August.

So, did I answer your question? The answer really is, you’ll have to spend some time on Maui throughout multiple times of the year and really get a feel for the region and time of year that you love. The general answer though is…Maui is beautiful everyday of the year and we are grateful and lucky to live here! #luckywelivemaui

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